STRYME provides the right solutions for tomorrow’s broadcasting needs.


We are an innovative video server manufacturer. We pioneer innovative high-tech broadcast solutions for broadcasters, telecommunication companies and cable MSOs. As the Austrian market leader, we excel with uncompromising quality and reliable sport, live and news production solutions that simplify, speed up and optimize daily workflows. We give our globally well-known customers the edge.

We advance broadcast technologies and industry standards. Our customers can rest assured that the solutions they receive from us meet their exacting needs – today and tomorrow. For us, providing the right solutions for tomorrow’s needs also means that these solutions are unique in terms of performance, stability and price. That’s our promise. That’s expert know-how made by STRYME.


We innovate. In doing so, we tackle new project challenges with passion, perseverance and professionalism. We provide and tailor both tools and solutions to give broadcasters more flexibility, keep their standards high and step up efficiency and usability. Whether OB-Van, live, sports or news productions, we ensure high-availability for a 24/7 fail-safe operation.

Clemens Czepe

Chief Technology Officer

"Choosing STRYME means you are one step ahead of your competition in terms of price and technology without having to worry about technical specifications or software that is prone to errors. Choosing STRYME also means you can focus on what matters most!"



At STRYME, we believe there is a better way to produce broadcast content. We use our innovative spirit to individually create the solutions that empower our clients to master any project challenge. We use our expertise to work fast and efficiently. We provide our customers with the superior technical performance they expect. We use our experience and foresight to ensure that the solutions they operate meet their needs and budgets – today and tomorrow.

Goce Zdravkoski

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

"It’s not about offering the latest industry features - we do that anyway - but about meeting and exceeding our users’ expectations. It’s about making sure they experience how we from STRYME simplify and automate their daily working processes."

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STRYME was founded by Goce Zdravkoski in 2005. The company started off as a turnkey video server developer for broadcasters. Its very first customer was the Austrian Broadcast Corporation (ORF). The close collaboration with a hub of expertise made STRYME a valued and trusted industry partner for bespoke professional broadcasting solutions. It also kicked off a wide range of different projects in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Italy, Russia or South Korea.